Bespoke Programs

Chancellor Institute will work with you to co-create bespoke training programs according to your requirements and budget.

Facilitated by experienced industry leaders using real world case studies, bespoke programs are a great way to save time and money while creating a customized solution to address the challenges your company faces.

Bespoke programs can be delivered in a variety of settings – check out our Study Modes.

The minimum number of participants for customized workshops is 5 people.


Schedule a Consult


Do you have questions about what training is right for your team?

Schedule a free consult with one of our experienced course advisors for a high-level skills assessment and discuss a tailored training program for your organization.

Our bespoke process is quick and simple

1. Schedule a call

2. Briefing form and engagement agreement

3. Design and finalize the bespoke workshop

4. Delivery and review

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