Admissions Criteria

Entry requirements are specific to each course offered by the Institute.

Chancellor Institute programs are available to domestic students, international students studying offshore and online only, and study abroad students on visitor visas only. We do not deliver courses to international students studying on a student visa in Australia.

English Language Requirements

Unless otherwise stated, all programs offered by the Institute are delivered in English.

Where English is not an applicant’s first language or their previous studies have been completed in a language other than English, the Applicant may be required to demonstrate proficiency in English by achieving the prescribed level in an approved English examination in one sitting.

The following English Language examinations are recognised by the Institute:

  1. International English Language Testing System (IELTS);
  2. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), and, for some courses;
  3. Pearsons test for English (PTE).

Open Learning

There is no admissions criteria for Open Learning programs.

Executive Education

Students undertaking Executive Education programs are expected to have had a minimum of 5 years industry experience relevant to their chosen program.

Inherent requirements

Inherent requirements are the abilities, knowledge and skills needed to complete the learning outcomes of a course that must be met by all students while preserving the academic integrity of the Institute’s learning and assessment processes.

The following inherent requirements apply to all courses at the Chancellor Institute:



Having the physical capacities to safely and effectively perform the activities necessary to achieve the learning outcomes of a course.

This also includes participating in industry placements in a range of settings, in a range of geographical locations, and for the required number of hours/days within a reasonable timeframe.



Acquire knowledge, process information, analyze, think critically and synthesize information to apply knowledge of the discipline necessary to achieve the learning outcomes of a course
Communication (written and verbal)


Communicate effectively, in English, to a standard that is scholarly and professional in a style and medium appropriate to the audience and task.


The capacity to sustain appropriate behavior over the duration of units within a course to engage in activities necessary to undertake the learning outcomes of a course.
Ethical Behave ethically and professionally in academic and professional settings, complying with relevant legislation, standards and codes of conduct applicable to the profession.

Students may be required to present to the Institute certified Working with Children and / or National Police certificates.

Numeracy The ability to understand and work with numbers – the capacity to use basic quantitative and other research skills to gather, interpret and evaluate data as relevant for the course of study.
Information and communications technology (ICT) Employ information and communications technology (ICT) skills in an appropriate and effective way, utilizing a range of systems in both the academic and professional setting.


Minimum Computing and Internet Requirements

In order to access the Institute’s learning resources and complete assessments, students must have access to basic computing hardware and software.

Students must have a modern desktop computer or laptop with a webcam and that can run browsers (such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome) and software required for all courses, such as those for creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Although Adobe Creative Cloud will be made available on campus desktop computers, it is recommended that students enrolled in practice-based subjects have their own subscriptions for use on personal devices.

Students must also have a stable internet connection that is fast enough to download resources and stream video (such as through Zoom). The Institute recommends a minimum upload and download speed of 1.5 Mbps.

Online Learning Requirements for Practice-Based Subjects

Students enrolled in practice-based units and exclusively online are expected to have access to equipment required to complete the assessment tasks of the unit.

The following units have been identified as requiring specific equipment and/or software not supplied to online students by the Institute or freely available.

Unit Code Unit Name Hardware / Equipment Substitutes / Alternates Software
A606 Audio Journalism Digital microphone recorder Smart phone with voice recorder Adobe Creative Cloud
A607 Video Journalism Digital video camera Smart phone with video recorder Adobe Creative Cloud
A608 Photojournalism Digital photographic camera (DSLR)


DSLR Camera app for iPad and iPhone Adobe Creative Cloud
A603 Brand Design and Management Adobe Creative Cloud


Students enrolled in practice-based units and exclusively online will be required to secure access to their own hardware / equipment and software as listed above as a condition of enrolment in their course.

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