No Tigers, Dragons, Sharks and Lions – just a safe space for amazing founders, investors, coaches and mentors.™

Startup Lab is Chancellor Institute’s incubator and an early stage co-investor for ambitious technology startups.

Startup Lab facilitates networking opportunities between founders, coaches and mentors, investors, industry experts and corporate partners.


Founders can access:

1. Business advice

  • Business and strategic planning
  • Corporate structures
  • Marketing plans
  • Product development

2. Funding assistance

  • Shareholder agreements
  • Pitching dos and don’ts
  • Venture capital
  • Angel investors
  • Debt vs equity financing

3. Networking opportunities

  • Meet other founders
  • Join industry groups
  • Find coaches and mentors


Investors can access:

1. Scalable technology ventures at the pre-IPO stage

2. Energetic founders on the precipice of greatness

3. A community of like-minded investors, founders, mentors and corporate partners


Mentors can access:

1. Founders seeking coaching and mentoring from experienced industry leaders

2. Guest lecturing and adjunct faculty positions with Chancellor Institute

3. A community of like-minded coaches and mentors, founders, investors and corporate partners


Partners can access:

1. Scalable technology ventures at the pre-IPO stage

2. Energetic founders on the precipice of greatness

3. The latest groundbreaking industry research and developments

4. A community of like-minded corporate partners, founders, investors and mentors.


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