Where practical, Chancellor Institute aims to offer night and weekend classes to increases the accessibility and flexibility of education for students.
We know that many students have work or family obligations that make it difficult for them to attend classes during traditional hours. Offering classes in the evenings or on weekends allows these students to continue their education and pursue their goals.

Night and weekend classes also cater to non-traditional students such as working adults who may not have the flexibility to attend classes during the day. Offering classes during these times can help these students to balance their education with their other responsibilities.

Additionally, offering night and weekend classes can also help to reduce the burden on the institute’s facilities and resources during the day. This can help to alleviate the pressure on parking, classrooms, and other resources, making them more readily available for other students.

Night and weekend classes can also help attract students who otherwise might not have been able to attend traditional classes. Furthermore, it also shows that we are responsive to the needs of our students and the community, which can enhance the reputation of the institute.